Cubesis v1.3.0.4

Cubesis is a turn-based strategy game with puzzle elements, centered around the fragile balance of the Cubeworld. You assume the role of Cubies – the inhabitants of the Cubeworld – whose purpose is to survive, that is to have full bellies and “score as much gold as possible”. The way to their dream is beset by many obstacles, however. For example the sea. To overcome these obstacles, you need to figure out what pleases the gods Ikjuch and Likael, and make them dry the sea out (for example).

Strategy game with puzzle elements
Two gods with special powers and you can make them help you
Changeable environment which can be used in its extremes to reach your goals
Editable terrain – you can create dams, rivers, holes, canals etc.
 Flowing water
34 enjoyable and challenging levels!