Selasa, Desember 07, 2010


Airport Tycoon 3 (OK)

In Airport Tycoon 3, you'll establish yourself as an airport mogul as you strive to build and manage the busiest airport in the world. Manage every physical and financial aspect of it as you strive to make your airport the most efficient, most attractive and most potent one on the globe.There's one thing better than building your dream ? and that's playing it. If you manage well, you'll rule the skies. The local business convention has pushed your airport to its limits. Thousands of travelers have been streaming into your airport and they're not happy you don't have enough check-in desks or flights for that matter. Security has their hands full, and someone just started a fire in the men's washroom. The day never ends on the front lines of this Airport Dynasty.

Windows XP/2000/98 | 700MHz | DirectX 8.1 | 256MB RAM | HD 600MB

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